Augmented Shopping Experience

ARCommerce solution for immersive remote shopping experience

Augmented Shopping Experience
Ecommerce AR solution for an immersive remote shopping experience
Reetail:AR is blurring the line between online and offline shopping through the smart use of augmented reality, allowing consumers to fully interact with products on ecommerce websites from wherever they may be.

Why Reetail:AR?

Ecommerce 360° view

Shoppers are able to view your products in 360° directly on ecommerce sites

3D product view

Preview products in 3D on iOS and Android smartphones through any mobile web browsers

AR product projection

Place products in the real world to visualize the look and fit in any home or office spaces
Ecommerce integration
Easily integrated onto any
ecommerce platforms you currently use without any migration
AR model animation
Display your products online with interactive 3D models and animation
Web-based AR
Use Reetail:AR straight from your mobile web browser; no additional app download needed

Augment Any Product

  • Furniture
    Sport Equipment
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Office Furniture
  • Garden Appliances
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Plants & Decor
  • Interior Design

Entice Millennial Consumers

  • Experience product remotely
  • 62% of shoppers choose to shop in stores instead of online as they want to see, touch, feel and try out items.
  • Shoppers can view products in 360° and interact with them remotely. They can experience live usage of any product before buying it.
  • Faster decision-making
  • Shoppers are 86% more likely to make a purchase with a simplified decision-making process.
  • With Reetail:AR, shoppers see an ad online, preview the product in their house or office through AR, and buy it directly from the website. It’s that easy.
  • No need to download app
  • Almost 40% of shoppers will not download retailer apps as they already have too many apps on their phones.
  • Reetail:AR is web-based and easily accessible directly on any mobile web browser. It will not take up any additional space on the smartphone.

Advertise With AR

Google Search
If a shopper does an online search for a product that you have, you want them to buy it from you. Promote your products to them with direct
ecommerce links on Google Search.
Social Media
Communicate with millennial consumers through the social media apps that they already use and love, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Let them experience and interact with your products in seconds.

How Does AR Impact Sales?

  • Higher conversion as 72% of shoppers end up making a purchase because of unique AR experiences.
  • Increased sales as shoppers are 11x more likely to buy from retailers with AR.
  • Lower return rate by 25-35% as customer satisfaction increases after interacting with products in AR.
Dive into the future of retail
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